Norwex Alternative - Pricing a Norwex Ripoff?
Is the Norwex Price Increase for 2012 a Ripoff?

Norwex Ripoff

Are Norwex products worth the 2012 price increase? What are some Norwex Alternatives?

Norwex is not a scam. But in 2012, people are starting to talk about the possibility of a Norwex Ripoff.

Norwex was already expensive, and in 2012 it got even more expensive. This doesn’t make it a scam, but some people are saying that it feels like a rip-off.

Some examples of 2012 Norwex pricing.

1. A Norwex antibac cloth with silver costs $16.99. An e-cloth® antibacterial cloth with silver costs $11.99. That’s a full $5 difference in price between two cloths that both do the same job of picking up more than 99% of bacteria with just water. A Norwex antibac cloth costs 42% more than an e-cloth® antibacterial cloth.  Is Norwex a ripoff? You decide.

2. Norwex Cleaning Paste costs $31.99 for 6.7 oz, which works out to $4.73 per oz. Shaklee Scour-Off™ Heavy Duty Paste costs $8.10 for 9 oz, which works out to $0.90 oer oz. That’s a difference of $3.83 per oz between two products that do the same job of shining up sinks, ceramic stove tops, etc (Here’s a blog review showing Norwex Cleaning Paste vs. Shaklee Scour-Off™). This means that for an equivalent 6.7 oz, you’re paying $25.66 more for Norwex. Is Norwex a ripoff? You decide.

3. Norwex sells a low-phosphate (3%) laundry detergent, and in 2011 it came in a 2kg bag for $29.99. Now, in 2012, it comes in a 1kg bag for $21.99. At first glance, it seems that Norwex detergent is cheaper than before, but if you take into account the smaller bag size, the 2012 price for an equivalent 2kg of detergent is $43.98. This is a 46.6% price increase. Is Norwex a ripoff? You decide.

4. Norwex sells several very effective enzyme-based cleaners that have been repackaged in smaller bottles for 2012. Again, the prices seem lower, but they have actually increased. Is Norwex a ripoff? You decide. Look:

  •     DeScaler for Limescale and Rust

    2011 - 500ml for $37.99 (7.6 cents per ml)
    2012 - 350ml for $31.99 (8.6 cents per ml)

    This means that the 2012 price equivalent for 500ml of DeScaler would be $43.00. That’s a 13% price increase.

  •     Carpet Stain Buster

    2011 - 500ml for $32.99 (6.5 cents per ml)
    2012 - 350ml for $27.99.99 (8 cents per ml)

    This means that the 2012 price equivalent for 500ml of Carpet Stain Buster would be $40.00. That’s a 21% price increase.

Norwex alternatives - what can you use instead of Norwex?

If you find that Norwex’s increased prices are feeling like a “Norwex Ripoff”,  there are some great green cleaning alternatives out there that you can use instead:

1. e-cloth® cleaning system

This high-quality antibacterial microfiber has clear research to show it’s a great Norwex alternative. It picks up more than 99% of bacteria with just water, and a e-cloth® Professional Antibacterial Cloth with silver is $5 cheaper than a Norwex antibac cloth.

2. Shaklee natural cleaning products

Shaklee has been in the green cleaning business for more than 50 years, and they offer number of time-tested healthy cleaning products for very affordable prices. One is the Shaklee Scour-Off™ Heavy Duty Paste, which is 5x less expensive than Norwex’s Cleaning Paste and does the same great job.

Another very effective Shaklee healthy cleaning product is their phosphate-free Get Clean laundry detergent.

Yes, Norwex products are great. They really work. But they’re not the only green cleaners on the block, and Norwex prices are outrageous in comparison to other green cleaning products that work just as well. It’s no wonder some people are talking about the idea of a Norwex Ripoff!

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